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Do you remember losing your teeth as a child?

It meant you were growing up, but did you feel scared, excited? Did you feel ugly? Did it affect you confidence or did you instead get a sense of empowerment from it? How do your own children feel about this milestone?
This month, I am producing a series of individual portraits of boys and girls who have just lost or are about to lose their front teeth. This is no beauty contest, but a simple celebration of a fun stage in childhood (which my own son is currently going through).

If you are interested in your child taking part in this personal project, simply send me a message. There will be no charge for the photo-shoot.

Just another regular day at the office, photographing lovely people, on the beach, in the warm evening light. Tough life!

It was very cold on Sunday morning at the Calliope Historical Village, and I’m not sure that train was ever going to come. I really appreciate the patience that some of my clients have. It’s all worth in the end I think.