by Life Drawing Gladstone

20 February to 12 March 2018

A glimpse of the diverse styles and mediums of the Life Drawing Gladstone group, a mix of experienced and emerging artists who come together once a week to draw a life model. This collection has a mixture of work sketched during classes that are unedited and raw, as well as other more resolved pieces.

The exhibition from 20 February to 12 March 2018 aims to give an insight into how the energy and seeming movement of a one-minute pose is captured, through to more controlled and calm poses lasting up to thirty minutes. Featuring work by local artists Kat Adamson, Jenny Fournier, Rika Griffiths, Kristel Kelly, Christine Krebs, Andreia Pereira, Janie Petersen, Natisha Strudwick, Michael Tait and Luke Wrathall.

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