by Catherine

January and February 2018

is a layered social media project that investigates selfie culture and how we use social media to express ourselves, form friendships and interact with each other in a playful way. The exhibition at Photopia Studios in January and February 2018 presents an archive of the work to date.  The artist produced the “yourselfies” by performing a ” spiritual Facebook reading”: looking at what the various individuals have posted on social media about themselves, and using that information to produce the images in her studio.

This is the first of many for the “Curated at Crow” an exhibition program and regional partnership between Crow Street Creative, Photopia Studio and emerging curator, Felicia Lloyd.  Proudly supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), the program brings exhibitions, up late artist talks, professional development and networking opportunities for local artists and workshops to the Gladstone region.

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