Joint exhibition by Felicia Lloyd and William Debois

23rd November to 21st December 2018

Local artists William Debois & Felicia Lloyd have spent the year changing habits, starting over and running out of things to say., carefully collecting experiences and storing them for later – the last exhibition to be held at Photopia Studio in 2018 ,DISTANCE LEARNING, showcased work by the duo, in photography, prints and video. 

Works nostalgic of the visual aids that used to hang on primary schools walls, materials to lead a child’s mind astray and allow their imagination to wander and lose focus of what exactly was meant to be learned. Beside phrases found on discarded packaging, collected and stored for later in margins, ruled carefully and methodically. Letters stencilled inside the lines, messages scribbled in the borders of a text book – recalling the impact of childhood experiences and learning about the world from within a box

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