The Chair

The Chair

by William Debois

Friday, August 11, 2017

A portrait project at Photopia Studio for one night only during Crow Street Creative’s Vinyl Appreciation Society on 11 August 2017.  Visitors were asked to make art and get paid for it.  A camera, tripod and chair were arranged in the studio and participants were given just a minute to interact wih the setting while their images were captured.  With a few simple guidelines to follow, and complete privacy, they were able to freely express themselves



by Jenny Fournier

18 July – 10 August 2018

The often-fleeting relationship between the artist and life drawing model is explored by Jenny Fournier in works developed from drawings, accumulated over a period of 3 years of participating in the Life Drawing Gladstone group. 

The title of each artwork starts with the words “I’m still…” followed by a short statement which could both describe how the subject of the artwork is feeling at the moment that they’re being drawn, either physically or emotionally, or a life manufactured by the artist, beyond the studio.



by Andreia

22 JUNE – 13 JULY

A solo exhibition by Andreia Pereira that presents a hidden place of deformities, misfits, and scars, empowering what lays in a life’s backstage and embracing the disturbing.   As part of the “Curated at Crow” – an exhibition program and regional partnership between Crow Street Creative, Photopia Studio and emerging curator, Felicia Lloyd, this project is proudly supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), a Queensland Government and Gladstone Regional Council partnership to support arts and culture in regional Queensland. 



 Tyson Evans, Dan Carmichael, Molly Strickland and Rachael Lonie from Black Dagger Tattoo

May 11 – June 8 2018

A group exhibition featuring the work of tattoo artists –  Tyson Evans, Dan Carmichael, Molly Strickland and Rachael Lonie from Black Dagger Tattoo.  Official opening party on Fri 18 May.   

The appeal of the work included in this exhibition are the use of traditional techniques combined with contemporary subject matter.  Contradicting the preconception of what a tattoo artist does, what to expect is sometimes the unexpected.  

With works created on skateboards, canvas and paper, the artists showcase their individual technical expertise in watercolour, acrylic, pencil, oil paint and digital art that draw on popular culture.  Practice, time and dedication are the tools they draw on the most, as they continue to learn through observation of their colleagues,  other artists and the natural world around them.  

Part of “Curated at Crow” an exhibition program and regional partnership between Crow Street Creative, Photopia Studio and emerging curator, Felicia Lloyd.  Proudly supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), the program brings exhibitions, up late artist talks, professional development and networking opportunities for local artists and workshops to the Gladstone region. 

BALANCE: Luke Wrathall & Kristel Kelly


Luke Wrathall & Kristel Kelly

19 April – 2 May 2018

Kristel Kelly’s art spans the use of pencils, pens, acrylics and oil bars.  From soft, delicate, nature-based pieces, dynamic black and white studies in pen and blended oil bar paintings, these works explore memories and experiences of the artist. After leaving school at age 15 she attended TAFE and regular art classes and workshops to access new skills and professional development.  “My life was fraught with difficulty after leaving home so early”  – Kristel draws on personal safe places in cult classics in film and literature as inspiration for these current artworks. 


Luke Wrathall presents a body of work developed over the past 6 months with the intention of portraying his connection to the Gladstone Region.  Abstract works utilise local materials, wood, stone and aluminium, recovered and reclaimed from our urban and industrial environment, as the Artist considers the industrial side of Gladstone, his place in it, as well as the connection to the community that it sustains. Seeking to balance perceptions of industry and environment , the artist’s technical explorations using local materials – sand stone recovered from construction, natural earth and processed wood, aluminium etched with caustic acid, all are transformed into a representation of environment meets industry.

Svalbard: The Land of Dreams

Svalbard: The Land of Dreams

Elena Korotkaia21

March – 14 April 2018

An exhibition from 21 March – 14 April 2018 of photographic prints  taken by Gladstone artist Elena Korotkaia on Svalbard, an island in the Arctic, less than 1400 kilometres away from the North Pole.  Exactly one year on, the artist is showing these stunning documentary photographs for the very first time.  From vast, uninhabited, icy terrain and abandoned coal mining settlements to the surreal polar light glowing over the sparkling snow and gorgeous glaciers, this desolate but beautiful place is the land of dreams in every sense.

Elena Korotkaia is supported with funding from Regional Arts Fund, an Australian Government program that is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities.

I AM U: an exhibition by Catherine Gomersall


 by Catherine

January and February 2018

is a layered social media project that investigates selfie culture and how we use social media to express ourselves, form friendships and interact with each other in a playful way. The exhibition at Photopia Studios in January and February 2018 presents an archive of the work to date.  The artist produced the “yourselfies” by performing a ” spiritual Facebook reading”: looking at what the various individuals have posted on social media about themselves, and using that information to produce the images in her studio.

This is the first of many for the “Curated at Crow” an exhibition program and regional partnership between Crow Street Creative, Photopia Studio and emerging curator, Felicia Lloyd.  Proudly supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF), the program brings exhibitions, up late artist talks, professional development and networking opportunities for local artists and workshops to the Gladstone region.

THE ROCKS IN MY HEAD Nadine Reynolds


by Nadine Reynolds

17 August – 17 September 2018

“The Rocks in my Head” by artist Nadine Reynolds, started as a personal journey with a fascination with stones. Having always loved the colours and textures of stones; particularly pebbles and especially when they are wet. After several months of exploring and happily painting rocks and stones, however, the artists’ world was turned upside down. 

This exhibition is an exploration of the juxtaposition of hard, impenetrable stones with the soft and fragile state of our physical health. With the aim that these works will create an awareness of the conditions of vertigo, suffered by many in the community. And, communicate the artists’ sense of gratitude that her stumbling rocks, have in this case, become her stepping stones.



by William Debois

20 September – 13 October 2018

An exhibition of contemporary photography from around the world, curated by William Debois. Mixtape presents images created by 6 photographers and shared on VSCO, an online photography app, in the physical space of the Photopia Studio gallery. A collection of images from international photographers for an audience that would probably not get a chance to see them otherwise.



Joint exhibition by Felicia Lloyd and William Debois

23rd November to 21st December 2018

Local artists William Debois & Felicia Lloyd have spent the year changing habits, starting over and running out of things to say., carefully collecting experiences and storing them for later – the last exhibition to be held at Photopia Studio in 2018 ,DISTANCE LEARNING, showcased work by the duo, in photography, prints and video. 

Works nostalgic of the visual aids that used to hang on primary schools walls, materials to lead a child’s mind astray and allow their imagination to wander and lose focus of what exactly was meant to be learned. Beside phrases found on discarded packaging, collected and stored for later in margins, ruled carefully and methodically. Letters stencilled inside the lines, messages scribbled in the borders of a text book – recalling the impact of childhood experiences and learning about the world from within a box